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Meet our board

Ward Cunningham, Director

Ward is the inventor of wiki, and a pioneer of "pattern languages of programming," also known as software design patterns. He is also a co-developer of Agile Methodology and Extreme Programming. He is currently developing a new generation of wiki that is capable of many new functions, including federated open-source development and numeric calculations.

Michael Mehaffy, Executive Director

Michael is a researcher, educator, author, and practicing planner and environmental designer with an international consultancy. He has held appointments at seven graduate institutions in six countries, in architecture, urban planning, and philosophy. He works with many collaborators to develop and disseminate new tools and strategies for better cities and towns. 


Jenny Quillien, Director
Jenny is an anthropologist and Professor Emeritus at New Mexico Highlands University. She is the author of Delight's Muse: On Christopher Alexander's The Nature of Order, and she worked with Alexander during the time of his development of a number of the concepts in this monumental and challenging work.   

Blue Mosaic Building

FEATURED PROJECT: "The Impacts of Symmetry in Architecture and Urbanism: Toward a Research Agenda."

Mathematics has an ancient relationship to architecture, and the concept of symmetry (in the broad sense) has a central role in both. This new research paper looks at new insights and applications for better-quality human habitats  Read the full paper here, or an article about the work written for practitioners here

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