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Sustasis Press has a range of titles that we offer through our fulfillment houses in Amherst, Massachusetts, and  Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They can also be ordered through Amazon and other booksellers. Here are some of the most recent!


Settlement, Science, and the Human Future (2017)


In this brief, accessible volume, the authors -- an urban philosopher and a mathematician-physicist -- explain the surprising new findings from the sciences that are beginning to transform environmental design in the modern era. Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros explore fractals, networks, self-organization, dynamical systems and other revolutionary ideas, describing them to non-science readers in a direct and engaging way. The book also examines fascinating new topics of design, including Agile, Wiki, Design Patterns and other "open-source" approaches from the software world. The authors conclude that a profound transformation is under way in modern design -- and today's students and practitioners will need to be aware of its implications for our future.

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Jane Jacobs, Christopher Alexander, and the Roots of the New Urban Renaissance (2019)


Cities are experiencing a renaissance today, because we’e begun to understand how they really work—and what they will need to work better in the years ahead. This is the story of two revealing figures in the history of that renaissance: the urban economist Jane Jacobs, and the architect Christopher Alexander. Their key insights have shaped several generations of scholars, professionals, and activists. However, as the book argues, this renaissance is still immature, and more must be done to achieve its promise—especially in an age of rapid, often sprawling urbanization. In response, in December 2016, all 193 member states of the United Nations adopted by consensus the “New Urban Agenda” a historic document emphasizing the pivotal role of cities and towns in meeting the challenges of the future. As this book documents, Jacobs and Alexander played key roles in formulating the conceptual insights behind the New Urban Agenda—and as the book shows, they continue to offer us crucial implementation lessons for the years ahead.

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Places, Networks, Processes (2020)

Cover ANPLFGR 08.1.20.jpg

The 1977 book A Pattern Language was a landmark in the design world, introducing a methodology that has become influential across many fields. Among them are software and “design patterns,” and important spinoff technologies like wiki (the basis of Wikipedia) and Agile Methodology.  Yet curiously, the field where pattern methodology began—the built environment—has lagged conspicuously. As one remedy, a number of long-time collaborators with the original book’s lead author have followed the explicit guidance of the book, and developed a new collection of 80 patterns offering tools and strategies for a new era of urban challenges.

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50th Anniversary Edition (2015)


In 1965, the architect and design theorist Christopher Alexander published a landmark theoretical critique of modern urban design, and by extension, modern design in general. His critique was different from others of the day in that it was not based on a social or political argument, but on a structural analysis, rooted in then-emerging insights from the fields of mathematics and cognition. Here, published again on its fiftieth anniversary, is Alexander’s classic text, together with new interpretive commentaries and discussions by leading theorists and practitioners. This volume is destined to become an invaluable resource for a new generation of students and practitioners.

“One of the classic references in the literature of the built environment and associated fields.”
—Resource for Urban Design Information (

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