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Our YouTube channel offers a wide selection of videos, including lectures, short courses and other resources:


City Limits (1971) - film about the work of Jane Jacobs:


Spaces for the Soul (1990) - film about the work of Christopher Alexander:

Image of the City (1972?) - Very short film about the work of Kevin Lynch:

How to Live in a City (1964) - by journalist George C. Stoney:

Our Vanishing Legacy (1961) - by WCBS journalist Gordon Hyatt; played a key role in the early urban preservation movement in New York and beyond:

Changing Mindsets About Planning (2013) - Lecture by Jan Gehl:





Christopher Alexander passed away peacefully at his home on March 17, 2022. He was and will remain a towering figure in architecture, urbanism and software. We have made a documentary about his work, including extensive interviews with him, explorations of his ideas, examples of his work, and commentary by others who have known him and/or have been influenced by his work.  Here is the full film:


We offer a growing number of free online courses and webinars, covering the work of Christopher Alexander, pattern languages, wikis, sustainable urbanism, and other topics.  We have also partnered with other institutions to offer courses for credit, including Oxford University (the sustainable urbanism Master's programme, which was an outgrowth of our curriculum development at The Prince's Foundation) and Arizona State University (PUP-SOS 465-565, Sustainable Urbanism, taught by Michael Mehaffy in the School of Geographic Sciences and Urban Planning, for enrolled students).

FULL COURSE. Form, Language, Complexity: Unified Architectural Theory, with Nikos Salingaros.

Using new results from mathematics and the sciences, learn how to shape buildings to create healing environments that improve the users' lives.

GO TO: Course Description

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GO TO: Syllabus

SHORT COURSE. European School of Urbanism and Architecture.

Take these five short on-line, open-source courses on sustainable urban development, created in partnership with the Council for European Urbanism and the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Union.

GO TO: Course Modules

WEBINAR. Federated wiki: Potential for a new generation of open-source scenario modeling tools. With Ward Cunningham and Michael Mehaffy.

Learn about a new generation of Wiki that can handle data on the web, and that can be copied and shared more easily than older Wikis.  We discuss a new urban modeling system that puts this new Wiki to use!

GO TO: Webinar (pre-recorded)

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