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"The Impacts of Symmetry in Architecture and Urbanism: Toward a Research Agenda."

Mathematics has an ancient relationship to architecture, and the concept of symmetry (in the broad sense) has a central role in both. This new research paper looks at new insights and applications for better-quality human habitats  Read the full paper here, or an article about the work written for practitioners here


A New Pattern Language for Growing Regions: Places, Networks, Processes

80 new patterns address new challenges, including rapid urbanization, declining public space, urban sustainability, new technology, economic tools and strategies, geometric patterns, and more. A print version is combined with an on-line “companion” repository of these and other new patterns, based on Ward Cunningham's new federated wiki. Ward was the inventor of Wiki, and a pioneer of "pattern languages of programming" -- for which he developed the first wiki. His new "federated wiki" has exciting new capabilities which we aim to exploit in the new repository. 

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