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Pattern Languages

We use "pattern languages" as important tools for achieving better outcomes in environmental design, and related projects.  We also work with other collaborators to develop new approaches to pattern languages, including web-based and wiki-based pattern languages.  (In fact, wiki was developed by our board member Ward Cunningham as a method to develop and share so-called "pattern languages of programming," an important class of software design methodology.)


As Wikipedia -- perhaps the best-known example of a wiki -- describes it, "A pattern language is an organized and coherent set of patterns, each of which describes a problem and the core of a solution that can be used in many ways within a specific field of expertise. The term was coined by architect Christopher Alexander and popularized by his 1977 book A Pattern Language."


We were formed as a non-profit "public benefit corporation" to take forward work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and one of our key proposals was to develop pattern language resources at the local neighborhood level. We also offer advice and guidance on developing pattern languages, and we can connect you to consultants who can assist you with developing project pattern languages adapted to your specific project and its needs.

You can also learn more about our wiki-based project, A New Pattern Language for Growing Regions, here.



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